Jay Shetty – Rejection; change the narrative in your mind

”Remember when you’re being rejected from something, you are being redirected to something better.” Jay Shetty

Rejection is an emotion you will confront at some stage in your life. How you deal with it is key as to whether you move on or dwell in its negativity. Your response to rejection could ultimately determine the course of your future.

Rejection is not necessarily a bad thing, as many successful entrepreneurs will advise; it was in fact a massive failure that spurred them to be incredibly successful today; Steve Jobs, Ariana Huffington and Sir James Dyson to name a few.

Rejection can be the opportunity to open new doors, to attempt something different. As painful as it may be at the time, in hindsight you may reflect and be grateful that sometimes things did not work out the way you wanted them to work, you failed or things did not go your way.

Jay Shetty says,

“Sometimes it’s in those moments that we have the greatest opportunity to reflect, refuel and refocus, it’s in those moments that feel like the death of our dreams that our truest potential is actually taking birth.”

“If the door does not open, it is not your door.”

Often you are attempting to climb ladders that are not yours to climb. True, rejection hurts and can damage your emotional well being but it does not have to hold you back. Rejection is not what causes the pain but how you personalise and internalise it, it is the story that you tell yourself that causes the pain.

Rejection can often be the jolt that is required to spur you to follow your dreams; rejection is a natural part of life. Remember rejection is temporary not permanent.