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Jeremy Anderson Drug Addict to Motivational Speaker

Are you a sucker for labels? Do you give permission to others to define you by their labels or do you toss them aside and master your own? In life people pass judgements… Continue reading

Dwayne Johnson – From Broke to Hollywood Stardom

Dwayne Johnson, from broke to Hollywood Stardom.

Manage Your Emotions

Why do people end up living vastly different lives? Some are fortunate to have had a comfortable lifestyle whilst others live a life of struggle. Anthony Robbins probes this question, despite a great… Continue reading

Depression a Silent Killer

  I never had the experience of associating with anyone suffering from depression until recently. It came across as quite a shock. My friend basically idled the day away immersed in his own… Continue reading

Random Act of Kindness Repaid After 30 Years

Life is often so busy that we forget to take time out to appreciate the wonders and beauty that pleasantly surround us. Life will always be busy, so the choice is ours to… Continue reading