My Journey

This journey started many years ago, constantly stopping and starting and now I am here at this point. I always knew I wanted to do more with my life and leave a legacy for my children to remember. I constantly advised my children that they were able to achieve anything that they put their minds to, yet I struggled with getting my own goals off the ground. I have now reached a point where I want to complete this journey and make a start, inspiring others to achieve and fulfil their dreams along the way.

I have read many great books that have inspired me, attended a multitude of seminars and yet none of that matters unless what I learn I put into practice. I strongly believe there is power in words and that if those words resonate with someone, it has the ability to make a positive difference in their life.

Life is short, our days on this earth are numbered and what you choose to do in the time you are here comes down to personal choice. After becoming a parent I struggled to figure out what my purpose in life was. I constantly agonized with this question, until one day I realised that it was simply to empower my daughters to be strong, independent, caring, healthy, financially successful women. In this journey to empower them I have learned many lessons from books, seminars, friends and experts and hope to share them on this platform. I hope you too are able to gain some insight and wish you success and happiness on your journey of life.