7 Critical Steps To Finding Your Purpose

Pressure gives birth to purposeand opens the door to your breakthroughs

It is often said that to be happy you need to find your passion, find your purpose, do what you love in life. That said it is often not so easy to find your passion. Individuals may go through their adult lives and still not discover their purpose in life. Rather than ask yourself what your purpose is, perhaps ask the question, what is important to you? We all have a finite time on this earth and doing more of the things that matter to us will help realise our purpose.

7 Steps to Finding Your Purpose:

1  Be Open to New Discoveries

Finding your purpose is a journey of self discovery and reflection. For many our purpose in life will not be immediate. It will not be discovered either by keeping still and continuing to stick to your daily routine. Inspiration can come through taking on new challenges at work, pursuing a new hobby or possibly a tragedy. Different interests will tug at you and if you are open to the opportunities that present themselves, it will be easier to find your purpose.

Despite what many experts tell you, it is probably a good move to stay in your current job and figure out your calling is before you resign. After all, how else are the bills going to be paid? Once you have established what your purpose is and it is generating a sufficient income for you enjoy, then by all means go all out and make your purpose your life!

2  Eliminating the Things You Hate Can Lead to the        Discovery of Your Purpose

Often the process of elimination can help you in discovering your purpose. When you try new activities and realise that you absolutely hate it, you can tick that off your list as not being your life’s purpose. Identifying the interests you hate can provide insight into the things you love. This reminds me of an occasion where a friend once invited me to a Zumba class, which was all the rage at that time. It was a gorgeous sunny day and the gym overlooked an oval and all I remember was how desperately I wanted to be out in the sun. That was my light bulb moment when I realised I enjoyed being outdoors more than being stuck inside.

3  Life Experiences Can Open the Doors for Your Purpose

Sad but true, tragedy is often a propeller for people to find their purpose in life. I have often heard that after experiencing a near death experience, an individual may choose to change the course of their life, whether it be raising awareness for a medical condition or actively fundraising for a cause. Experiencing a tragedy often plants the seed for a new beginning, just be open to the opportunity and run with it. People learn from the human experience, whether it is a break up, death or a business failure, there are always lessons to be learned that can offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise to those just experiencing a similar situation.

4  Heart Over Mind Matters

Listen to your heart and discover what truly inspires you. When you listen to your heart, what resonates with you most will become apparent. Your mind will be the voice of reason; giving you excuses that searching for your purpose is mission impossible.

 5  Your Purpose In Not Confined TOne Thing

Your purpose may not be limited to one thing, you may be blessed to have several and you are beating yourself up trying to find that one solid calling. The key is to start trying new things and sometimes the unexpected may occur and you totally enjoy what you least expected

6  Focus on Your Expertise

Never underestimate the skills and knowledge you have acquired. You may believe it is negligible however; somewhere there is someone who is willing to learn from you. It may be someone who is simply looking for that first base level of knowledge and you have the expertise to share it with them.

                    “Do what you can with what you have, where you are.”

                                                                                                             Theodore Roosevelt

7  List Your Accomplishments Before You Die

Answering this question may trigger some heartfelt responses. If there is something you want to achieve before you die, this will prompt ideas. Living a life of purpose without regret is the ultimate. If the answers are not forthcoming, keep asking yourself the question and in time clues will appear that will help steer you in the right direction.

“Nothing is more creative. . . . nor destructive than a brilliant mind with purpose.”                                                                                                                   Dan Brown, Inferno