7 Mistakes to Avoid When Chasing Your Dreams

“Mistakes are the portal of discovery.” – James Joyce

You can coast through life or pursue your dreams. You set yourself a goal, you perform daily tasks, you are on track and then a setback thumps you. You get disgruntled, even angry, you push yourself and get back on your feet, another setback and you lose hope, sound familiar? Well the journey to achieving your dreams is weighed down with obstacles and what you lose sight of is what you have actually accomplished and instead focus on what is missing.

In life you can either be the passenger or the driver, you get to choose! Life in the passenger seat is comfortable, however, life from this position does not give you control. Life throws you the challenges and you react. If however, you choose to be the driver, you are in control. You get to steer the course of your destination. Therefore, the dreams you set for yourself pave the way for an exciting and exhilarating ride.

You can choose to coast through life and that is ok, everyone is different. However, if you are one of those individuals who relish the challenge of being something and doing something more, then set yourself a really big dream and go forth and pursue it.

The mistakes to avoid when chasing your dreams:

  1. Accept Your Current Reality

Your current situation may not be ideal, however, consider this the starting point to which to move on from and chase your dream. If you do nothing to change your current circumstances, your present reality will remain the same. Accept your life and assess what skills you do have to move forwards. Never underestimate what you currently have, it may be more than what you think. Small daily changes compound after time to create a major shift, allowing you to move closer towards your dreams.

  1. Let Go of the Past

Holding onto your past, particularly if you have painful memories can be debilitating, do not allow it to cloud your current decision making. Letting go of past experiences, particularly bad ones is vital. Do not give those experiences any meaning, simply accept that it happened and shuffle forwards.

  1. Avoid Comparisons with Others

Envying other people’s good fortune is pointless, it creates negativity, stifles personal growth and productivity. You have no idea of other people’s behind the scene struggles so concentrate your efforts in making your dreams a reality.

  1. Do not let Failure Crush You

Failure and disappointment are inevitable, accept that it will not be a smooth ride and learn the lesson and move on. Tim Fargo, an author and entrepreneur said that whilst he was attempting to promote his book ‘Alphabet Success’ on Twitter, people seemed more interested in how he was scheduling his tweets. He used this insight to redirect his efforts and created the tool Tweet Jukebox which has been a massive success. When you allow disappointment to crush you, you miss the opportunity to see a different opening.

“Education is every day and everywhere, the only thing you have is to pay attention.” Tim Fargo

  1. Avoid Stalling

Making excuses and stalling for the right time, right tools and resources just delays you in achieving your dreams. One thing that is constant for all of us is time and how you utilise your time is important. John Grisham, author was inspired to write after he witnessed compelling testimony from a 12 year old rape victim and wondered what would have been the outcome had her father killed the perpetrator. Despite working 60 -70 hours as a lawyer, he woke up every morning at 5am to write for several hours before starting work. This is absolute commitment. Grisham went on to write “The Firm’ and sold the film rights to Paramount Pictures for $600,000.  So you decide whether you want to stall?

“Quitting is not the answer. Life is not fair and you can’t quit every time something unfair happens to you.” John Grisham

  1. Seeking Approval from Others to Follow Your Dreams

Everybody has an opinion, their aspirations and dreams are different. Seeking approval from others who are clearly not on the same page as you will hold you back. Seek encouragement from those who support your dreams, you may need the cheering squad during difficult times.

  1. Neglecting Your Health

Many of us underestimate the value of our health and fitness. Without our health, nothing else really matters. You need to take time out to exercise, eat healthy and focus on your overall well-being. Accomplishing your dreams is nothing if you do not have the health to enjoy it. Get some fresh air, clear your head, practice yoga, meditation, whatever works for you.

Kerry Packer, an Australian tycoon suffered a heart attack and was declared clinically dead for 8 minutes before being revived by paramedics using a defibrillator. He was incredibly lucky that the ambulance that attended was carrying the equipment as this was highly unusual at the time. After the incident Kerry himself personally funded defibrillators being available in all ambulances. Irrespective of his incredible wealth, his money would not have saved Kerry, it was the defibrillator that brought him back to life. So focus on your health, it will be your best investment.

Dreams are possible, have faith and never let go of your vision.