Be the Change you want to see in Yourself

Many of us aspire to be somebody, to do something, to achieve something, yet we are trapped, stuck in fear, trapped in misery, trapped in scarcity, stuck in our current reality. We are suffocating, bound by our existing circumstances we feel hopeless, the way out is impossible. So we dwell on the present situation as if it is our permanent reality. Yet the truth is that unless we change our attitude and take action to alter our present circumstances, nothing will ever change. Moving forwards requires a change in mindset and taking action, consistent daily action. Once you make the decision to change, that changes the way you think and that changes the way you live.

“The warfare is in your mind.” Quote by Be Inspired

Change your attitude and the ball starts rolling to achieve a different outcome.

“There’s nothing as powerful as a changed mind.” Quote by Be Inspired

Flicking Your Mindset to Positive

By flicking your mindset to positive, anything is possible, doable, achievable. If you have a dream go out there and get it, make it happen! Do whatever it takes. If it means waking up earlier do it, if you have to stay back late, do it. Make it a lifestyle change, which will require immense discipline. Will Smith, the actor has said that he did not believe that he was particularly talented, what he did have he says is a sickening work ethic.

“I’ve never really viewed myself as particularly talented. Where I excel is a ridiculously sickening work ethic. You know when the other guy is sleeping, I’m working. While the other guy is eating, I’m working.” Will Smith

To witness a permanent change, make it a priority. For balance to be achieved attention needs to be given to three specific areas; mind, body and spirit. Focusing your efforts on one area more than the others will result in a disparity and the impact will be felt.

Change Starts And Ends With You

Change starts with you, the decision is entirely yours, expecting others to initiate it for you or seeking it in something is futile. Remember if you are unhappy with your current reality, it is only temporary, the moment you make a conscious decision to change, your reality is on a different path to extraordinary.