Ride the Wave Until you Catch Success

The journey towards success takes many twists, many would argue that it is not a straight let alone a direct route. The one trait that successful people have is persistence, despite the hurdles they persevered, knocked down the walls and kept moving.

In the video below Will Smith, Tyler Perry, Richard Branson, Donald Trump and Jay Z all offer words of wisdom as to how they achieved their success. In spite of the odds and the rejections they never ever gave up on their dreams.

Tyler Perry went from homeless to multi-millionaire in 3 years and never stopped believing. Plant your seed, keep watering it and believe. You cannot cannot control external factors, just believe.

If you are that determined eventually you will succeed but you have to love what you do because success takes time. When you are passionate, time is endless you go with the flow and do whatever it takes. If you lack passion, eventually you will give up and often this is the case as the hunger to succeed is fleeting.

“Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again.” Richard Branson

To be successful is a long term commitment, requiring many hours of commitment and dedication. If you have what it takes, have faith, ride the waves and just keep going and until one day the time and effort you have invested delivers.