Kick Start the New Year and Smash Your Excuses

The New Year is officially in, statistics state that most people who resolved to make a new start this year have officially failed in their new year’s resolutions. The honeymoon period is over and we resort back to our old habits. Seriously, a week for our old ways to kick in! So another year with the same results can be expected.


It does not however, have to be this way. It is a new year people, an opportunity to do things differently, be different. So let us be bold this year and make a resounding promise to ourselves that this year we take massive action and achieve the results we have put on hold for so long. Remember if you stray off track, just get back up again and keep going. There will be setbacks and challenging times, the key is to keep going. Let 2017 be our year!

“Dream big. Start small. Act now.” Robin Sharma

Watch this motivational video ‘Rise Up’ by Video Advice to get you started.