Jeremy Anderson Drug Addict to Motivational Speaker

Are you a sucker for labels? Do you give permission to others to define you by their labels or do you toss them aside and master your own? In life people pass judgements valid or not you can choose to own it or disregard it. Where the judgements are inaccurate or simply nasty, choose to believe it and you commit to a spiral of low self-esteem. Discard it and you harness the power to master your life on your terms.

The Early Years

Jeremy Anderson succumbed to the labels placed on him by his teachers, friends, counsellors and bullies. He accepted the labels that he was fat, a loser and doomed to a life of mediocrity. He weighed 300 lbs (136kg), lived a life of crime, battled drugs and alcohol abuse. In school he was a failure, the class clown, diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as well as other issues.

However, the turning point came when he decided to take charge of his life and instigate change. Jeremy states that he is just a regular guy who simply got tired of failing; when his mind changed, he changed and then his life changed. No longer would he be defined by his excess weight, he purchased a pair of running shoes and embarked on a journey of physical change. Watching mindless television was no longer an option instead to be replaced by attending local social events. He applied for jobs knowing that at his core he wanted to make a difference to others. Schools now invite him to speak and motivate their students.

Life is not Over Despite Your Struggles

When you are unwilling to tolerate your current level of existence, change becomes necessary and decisive action is taken. Use your current circumstances to fuel your motivation to thrust you forwards. Life may seem to suck but it is not over, you just need to discover that one thing that you are good at. Unsure of what this entails, then engage in new hobbies, hang out in different social circles, explore new places but initiate change in some aspect of your life. Life is not over despite your struggles. You encounter the ups and down but it is important to overcome the negativity and keep it out, ‘keep pushing, keep fighting, keep pressing’ once you achieve this the possibilities are endless. Maintain a consistent attitude of self-development and focus on serving others rather than adopting an attitude of just me, me, me. The best motivation is self-motivation, never rely on others to do things for you, get into the habit of mastering skills yourself.

Motivational Speaker

Jeremy Anderson is now a successful motivational speaker, the author of 6 books, runs several successful businesses, has a masters degree and happily married with a daughter. Jeremy currently enjoys travelling and believes you cannot have a world view without exploring the world, you can get a view from a book but it is not the same thing. He is a strong supporter in the value of education and motivates students to reach their next level in life. He encourages students to develop habits that will secure them a successful future and warns them about the negative effects of drugs and alcohol. Being able to totally connect and relate to the students, Jeremy instructs the kids about the importance of education that nothing is impossible and with hard work Next Level Living is achievable.

“You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forwards.” Conrad Hall