Kris Carr – Living with Incurable Cancer and Surviving

What is the state of your life? Miserable, mediocre, good, great or wow could be the reality of your present circumstances. The balance of life can change instantaneously and dramatically shift from bad to great or from great to bad. Whatever the challenge, your attitude is what determines whether the situation will be negative or positive.

Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it.” – Dorothy M. Neddermeyer

The Diagnosis

Consider the scenario where you have been diagnosed with an incurable stage four cancer. There is no stage five. What do you do? This was no scenario for Kris Carr, a thirty-one-year-old photographer and actress; this was her confronting new reality when she was diagnosed in 2003 on Valentine’s Day with a rare and incurable cancer. Suddenly her life as she knew it was no more. In an instant she was having to consider agonising decisions and faced with challenges she never expected to encounter. Her reality has veered off course setting in motion a new path, a different set of ordeals, an unintended route but nevertheless unavoidable.

Exploring the Options

Kris’s cancer had progressed to stage four without warning and life swiftly nosedived; her current reality in turmoil. Since a cure was non-existent, Kris focused on health and well-being. Experimental treatment was the only option so, Kris delved into exploring a holistic approach. She visited countries to interview experts on alternative medicine. The goal was to work towards remission, practising a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy, practising yoga and dancing.

“Our cells are like fish, they are only as healthy as the water that they swim in.” Quote by doctor in Crazy Sexy Cancer Documentary

Kris focused on a plant-based diet throwing out the American food regime she had grown accustomed to. She introduced exercise and having fun.  Kris realised her diagnosis could not be cured, she did however have an alternative choice and that was to be healthier. Since her diagnosis Kris has learned to live differently, focusing on empowering herself and others through the documentary she created of her journey, living with cancer – Crazy Sexy Cancer. She has managed to turn a tragic situation into a positive example.

 “We control the destiny of our health. We control the quality of our health. We choose that every day.” Quote by doctor in Crazy Sexy Cancer Documentary

Kris established her business to empower others to live healthily and now has a successful thriving enterprise, having written five books focusing on well-being, mind body and spirit. She is an established author and has made appearances on Good Morning America, Oprah Winfrey Show, CBS Evening News and the Today Show. Kris reveals that cancer has been her guru, it has been her teacher. She has managed to take something such as an incurable disease and transform it into something positive.

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