Supercharge Your Success with Tips from 7 Experts

You aspire to be successful but yet the hard work, sleepless nights and years spent attempting to achieve it prove futile or at best yield minimal results. You have all heard it before; success is a journey and not a straight path. Your expectations are higher, you crave success instantly but yet you put little or no effort. However, those before you who have achieved success, did not achieve it overnight. Years were spent mastering their craft, reading, attending seminars, listening to experts, failing and tweaking their aspirations until one day, success finally arrived.

The challenge is to keep going in spite of the falls, taking the detour when your set path fails to deliver. Need some guidance to steer you on the right path, then listen up, this is what some of the successful ones have to say:

James Lawrence

You get in your own way and self-sabotage your success. You are living in a day where you are limiting what you believe is possible. You need to start moving and engaging and once you take that first step you realise that it was not that scary at all. The first step is the hardest but once you commit to taking action you recognise that this is the beginning to evolving and becoming the best version of yourself. Putting yourself in the game gives you the best opportunity to achieve what others thought was impossible.


Prince Ea

The potential is deep within you. It may be buried deeply but it is always there.


Jay Shetty

Your passion is for you, your purpose is for others. Your passion makes you happy but when you use your passion to serve others, to make a difference in other people’s lives – that is sustainable.


Mel Robbins

Physiologically being excited is the exact same thing as being afraid, your body is unable to tell the difference. Your body will experience the same feelings; heart beat racing, sweaty palms. The only difference between excitement and fear is what your brain tells you so if you are in the habit of being a worrier, you will experience the physiological symptoms of worrying. Instead tell your brain that you are excited to embark on that business negotiation, give that public speech, compete in that race and you instantly give your brain context to drown out all that other physiological stuff.

You literally can do anything, the only thing stopping you is your limiting patterns and the self-doubts and these can be broken one at a time to unleash the power within.


Robin Sharma

20, 20, 20 formula – this dates back to what the Spartan warriors once said, those who sweat more in training bleed less in war. This can apply to entrepreneurs, mums, yoga teachers to deliver their best game and talent when they walk into the world. However, most of you run your day by your phones and by default chase the day, you become reactive.

So instead become a warrior and from 5-6 in the morning prepare yourselves mentally, physically and emotionally. For the first 20 minutes when you wake up do intense exercise. The exercise is going to create a pharmacy of mastery, it will reduce cortisol, which is the fear chemical, it will release serotonin making you feel good and also BDNF (brain derived neurotropic factor) which scientists are hailing as the miracle growth for the brain as it allows brain cells to repair from stress. So, the first 20 minutes you rewire your brain, you jump start your metabolic rate.

The second part of the 20, 20, 20 formula is you plan. You pick up your journal and review your top five goals. This allows you to release hope and makes you diligently focused because ‘an addiction to distraction is the death of creative production.’

The final part to the 20, 20, 20 formula is learning – he or she who learns most wins. Take Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, what separates them from the rest is that they knew more than the people around them. Investing in yourself is power, immerse yourself in training courses, books and coaching; the more you know, the more you can achieve.


Admiral William McRaven

The obstacle course contained twenty-five elements the most challenging being the slide for life. The record for this particular obstacle had been unbroken for many years and when Admiral William McRaven took his class in 1977 it seemed unbeatable until a student decided to plunge head down first instead of swinging his body underneath. This was a dangerous move and fraught with risk and failure would have resulted in an injury. The student slid down the rope perilously fast and instead of taking minutes to complete the obstacle cut the record by half.

Sometimes if you want to change the world you have to head down the obstacles headfirst.


Isaac Lidsky

Every moment of your life is a choice as to how you want to spend it. It is not the circumstances we confront that dictate the life experiences we live as there are countless examples such as prisoners of war who endure unspeakable human atrocities yet manage to find the strength to find purpose in their life and joy. Choose to be happy. You are the master of your reality.

When you decide to become the master of your reality, focus on the horizon and the results to come. It is never to late to start your dreams, only regrets when you fail to start.

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