Invest In A Mustard Seed of Hope And Change Your Future

Assets Quote  New Chapter

Life is going according to plan until one day your partner cheats on you, you find yourself retrenched, your health deteriorates, you failed an exam and the list is endless of unforeseen incidents. Life throws you a curve ball and you are now confronting a major dilemma. Words of inspiration, your attitude, advice and support will be instrumental in how you deal with the situation and release the key to your new lease of life and freedom. Such incidents will occur, they are regretfully unavoidable however, not a catastrophe and life can still continue although be it in a different way. After you get over the initial shock, grieve, cry, get angry and express the emotions you need to deal with the situation, seize the opportunity to reflect and change direction. Life is one huge ball of prospects and it is your attitude, which will determine where your destiny lies.

Hope With Every Situation

Take the time to create a new future, change direction, recharge the batteries and start again. Words of inspiration can always help kick start the change required for a new future. There is always hope with every situation, the outcome may not be what you intended but with every action there is the pathway for new beginnings. All you need is a mustard seed of hope! Often words of inspiration by those who have travelled the same path can offer a flicker of hope.

Have you ever planted a seed in the garden and watched it grow? Enormous oak, beech, maple trees grow from just tiny seeds, initially small and weak but with nurturing thrive and blossom to become monumental giants in the world of nature. That is all it takes, hope the size of a mustard seed. Have faith that your current situation is only temporary and change is possible. Have faith that life will improve and begin the journey to take the necessary steps for a different future. Your attitude and faith will instil the courage and strength to push you forward to achieve the impossible.

Learn the Life Lesson

So never underestimate the small actions you take over time to accomplish a new future. Taking small steps is vastly better than inaction. It is pointless dwelling on the past, it cannot be altered, what can be changed however, is your future. Life is continually evolving and teaching us lessons along the way. To get trapped in a particular situation and refusing to see the exits that present themselves is a wasted life journey. Allow your being to evolve from the incident and embrace the stepping-stones to a brand new future.