Is Your Mind Hindering Your Success?



Many people aspire to be successful; it is the ultimate dream, whether it is to have the ideal job, perfect relationship, great health and to be in tune with one’s spiritual self. Speakers such as Anthony Robbins advocate that to be truly successful you need to be successful in all areas of life.

In fact Donald Trump also says if you are going to think, then think BIG! Trump makes the point that most individuals think small, hence their results equate to their thought process. Therefore, how does one become successful? Eduardo Briceno affirms Professor Carol Dweck’s insight into the key to success as being whether individuals cultivate a fixed or growth mindset. Success is not attributable to hard work and persistence, as many may believe. The brain is capable of so much more but this is dependent on how we choose to develop our thinking. Briceno states the growth mindset achieves success because it focuses on ongoing learning and believes setbacks are a part of growth. This is in comparison to a fixed mindset, which has an aversion to effort and places more emphasis on how they are judged. Your mindset is critical to success and can be altered to change your present circumstances and capabilities. Developing a growth mindset is clearly achievable if you make a determination to change your way of thinking.

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