Depression a Silent Killer


Depression 2

I never had the experience of associating with anyone suffering from depression until recently. It came across as quite a shock. My friend basically idled the day away immersed in his own private thoughts, declining meals and reluctant to converse with family and friends. How could someone possibly choose to be that destructive and wallow in such negativity? What could you possibly gain from such pessimism?

I was later to learn that depression is a grave condition afflicting all ages, varying in severity. The duration of which can be short term or sadly last years. The emotional and physical management techniques can be quite draining on caregivers. It is an emotional roller coaster for all parties involved. It would seem that it is an ongoing battle to maintain sanity for both the distressed individual and the caregivers. Depression is a condition to be taken seriously. Offering support, patience, words of inspiration and avoidance of judgment are critical to the recovery of the depressed individual. However, for some, recovery may not be an option but a daily prescription of medication to manage the symptoms. In addition many will seek counselling and prayers as a means of easing their pain. Whether words of inspiration will offer comfort to the depressed individual will vary. Many will be locked in their own negative thoughts and withdrawn for advice and guidance to register.

It is frustrating to see loved ones go through this experience, however realisation of the depth of depression may only become apparent once the individual is quite absorbed with their inner thoughts and become difficult to engage in conversation and routine activities. Having gone through the process once, the symptoms may be easier to identify on future occasions. For some, depression may be a slow time bomb ready to ignite at any time. Once suicidal thoughts fester, immediate action is necessary to stem the flow of negativity filtering through. However, how can one take such action when the thought process of the individual is not known? It is indeed a delicate situation and must be monitored vigilantly if one even suspects suicidal thoughts are lurking.

I was informed that many depressed individuals lead rather inactive lives, with few friends and lack of social activities. This may apply to some individuals but I am sure it is not a standard applicable to all. For some a particular circumstance in their life may result in depression such as the bereavement of a loved one, retrenchment, an accident but it is how the individual chooses to react to that situation which will determine whether they sink into depression or not. Having a great network of supportive family and friends, books and words of inspiration will be key in achieving a ‘normal’ mental state.

It is important to note that the person experiencing depression, for them their concerns are totally legitimate and should not be undermined by those around them. Hopefully, with empathy and patience the individual will in time handle their problems and will come out of their episode. For the rest of us we simply wait and pray and hope it is sooner rather than later.