Stop With The Excuses And Start Living

Everything you have ever wanted, is sitting on the other side of fear. (1)

Every day is filled with excuses for failing to accomplish the goals you desperately want in life. Classic excuses include I do not have the time, it is too expensive, it is too difficult, I will do it tomorrow and the list is endless. So passes by another week, another month, another year, a decade filled with the constant repetitive excuses until you hit retirement age and wonder where all the time went. It is at this point you reflect on your life and wonder why you did not fulfil on your dreams and consciously make the time. By this time of course you make other excuses for not fulfilling on your ambitions, such as I am too old, my health is deteriorating and the list of excuses continues. By waiting for that perfect moment or for all the stars to line up, life passes by. The excuses are simply that, justifications for merely existing and not actually living. For if you were to truly live, hesitation would dwindle and you would fulfil on your goals.

Excuses are easy to make, in fact it is a cop out for believing what you are aiming for is unlikely or almost impossible to achieve. Therefore, the excuses suffice until you either die or get a bolt of lighting as a wake up call. You swiftly get into the driving seat of life and for the first time take charge of the wheel and steer in the direction of your unfulfilled goals. For many this realisation is too late, a date with the coffin is more likely however for a lucky few, you grasp your light bulb moment and take off with the wind and relish the life you crave.

Achievers master their results by avoiding their excuses and creating the life they seek. Hidden behind every excuse exists the fear of failure, the fear of the unknown, the fear of change or the fear of success. Succumb to your fears and the opportunities for new discoveries and personal growth are restricted. Excuses can be switched off simply by choosing to do so. When you decide enough with the excuses and start taking those initial steps to realise your goals, they will materialise.

Life was meant to be lived not just to exist. Lock away the excuses and start living the life you want today!