Stammering Your Way to Success

-A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning.-


Musharraf wanted to leave school due to the constant teasing and bullying. He had a serious stammer since childhood. However, the teachers at his school were adamant that he would remain and that they would put a stop to the bullies. Now studying for his GCSE (final school exams), an important component of his English exam was a speaking part that contributed 20% to his overall exam.

Musharraf’s teacher, Mr Burton is an extraordinary teacher who after watching the ‘King’s Speech’ tried a different technique to encourage Musharraf to communicate. Mr Burton is an absolute credit to the teaching profession, an individual who quietly and passionately strived to make a difference to a student who lacked confidence but desperately wanted a voice. The result will bring you to tears.