Did You Plan A Life of Nothing?

Life is what we make it, so what have you achieved so far? Did you fulfil on your goals and ambitions? Most people are unlikely to have achieved any of their life ambitions simply plodding along in their work, their daily routines, achieving nothing. Nothing eventful happens unless we schedule it in. People fail to achieve their goals because they neglect to prioritise it in their life plans. Consequently all the small stuff is fulfilled on a regular basis and the major goals dismissed yet for another year.

Consider this valuable lesson for a happier life and schedule in the Big Rocks; make your family, friends, health and passions your priority and the other stuff simply small stuff. If you fill your life with the small stuff, you leave no room for the things that really do matter.

Your life plan should reflect, your major goals written down and everything else fitted around them. Failure to map your major ambitions simply means that you achieve very little. Too often we fail to plan our life with our significant goals as a priority, resulting in trivial things occupying our day. Allow the smaller stuff to dominate your day and your ambitions remain unfulfilled. Make 2017 the year to liberate your freedom and ambitions, map your future today to make the difference for tomorrow!