Why Do We Hold Back?

Splendors of Nature

Why do we fail to make a start on the things that matter to us? What stops us from pursuing our life goals, our dreams, our ambitions? With the things that matter to us, we procrastinate but in a split second we are happy to return the shirt that does not fit and complain about the coffee being cold.   The small stuff we are happy to address but the significant aspects of our lives, we put on hold waiting for that right moment, seeking the approval and acceptance of others before we take decisive action.

We all assume that we have time on our hands, retirement is decades away, however, there is no guarantee, life can stop in a split second and there are no second chances. Waiting for that perfect moment may be light years away and we have spent the most part of our lives wasting it away. We are responsible for our choices including those decisions we elect not to take.

Making Excuses

Making excuses is the easy option; we give ourselves permission to deny ourselves the lives we want by endorsing the reasons we fail to take action. The common reasons being the timing is wrong, insufficient cash flow, the decision is too risky, there is a whole multitude of reasons and each one is fully justifiable – why because we say so. Change the priority of the situation and swiftly the excuses disappear, you have six months to live and suddenly what you postponed quickly becomes doable. Why does it take a drastic change in our circumstances to suddenly wake us up from our sleep, do we honestly need such a dramatic change in our life before we decide to act. For many this is the turning point. Our goals obviously lack priority because if they were important, there would be no hesitation and decisive action would have been taken. Caving in to our fears and excuses simply delays us achieving our ambitions.

No Growth, No Progress

 The present moment is the only time we have and staying in our comfort zone serves no purpose, there is no growth, no progress. If you want something bad enough, be bold, be courageous and do it! The first step is always the hardest but once we get started, we just need to keep moving in the direction of our goals. By investing in learning and education, we pave the path to our destiny. Ongoing learning and education is paramount to success. With an overload of information and videos available on the internet most things can be learned and it is simply getting into the daily habit of doing something productive towards those goals.

Never underestimate the potential we have, the human strength is immeasurable and in times of desperation, if you have an open mind, solutions will present themselves to you.