A Life Saved by an Act of Kindness

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The power and impact a simple act of kindness can have on another person’s life is priceless. I cannot recall where I heard this story but the effect has remained with me – the story involves a young student (Billy for the purpose of this story) was constantly being bullied. Again on this particular day at school, the bullies knocked Billy’s books to the ground. Another student (let’s call him Rick) who witnessed the event, rather than turn a blind eye went to Billy’s aid. Rick was surprised at the number of books Billy was carrying that day, therefore, decided to help him take his books home. The walk home enabled the two young men to engage in conversation and subsequently they became best friends.

At Billy’s 21st birthday celebration, he thanked Rick for coming to his aid that fateful day many years ago in school. He continued that had it not been for Rick that he would not be standing here celebrating his 21sth birthday. That day in question was the day Billy had planned to take his own life; he had had enough with the ongoing constant bullying and was in fact clearing out his locker so that his mother would not be burdened with the task. Rick sat in disbelief, as this was the first time he was hearing this story.

We never know what somebody is experiencing until we walk in their shoes. A smile, a thank you, a hug are free and for some these little gestures can make the world of difference.

Watch the video and see the ripple effect a simple act of kindness can have on others: