Siblings Educate Child Beggars


The great aim

It takes a certain kind of character to have faith and courage to help those less fortunate, particularly when you yourself are considered a minor. Two siblings reach out to help Pakistani child beggars by starting a ‘street class’. The idea originated when a child beggar approached the sister and instead of asking for money, said he loved learning and asked if she could teach him. She discussed the idea with her brother and the project to run a ‘street class’ was born. A local NGO heard of their efforts and provided them with supplies.

Sadly many children growing up in developing countries lack accessibility to education. Their impoverished backgrounds make it impossible to access such facilities where food and shelter are the priorities. The Pakistani government reports suggest that 24 million school aged children between the ages of 5 to 16 do not have access to basic schooling, this is in stark contrast to developed countries where education is made available to all school children.

These siblings took it upon themselves to make a difference and help their local community, a selfless act and one that will empower others to transform their own lives.

Watch the video: