Happiness is a choice – what are you choosing?




Happiness is a choice, you have always been empowered to make that decision and it is that simple. Having control to choose your state of being is powerful as it gives you back power over your emotions. It has long been known that material possessions provide temporary joy and relying on others for your happiness, empowers them not you!

Bishop TD Jakes talks candidly about the 5 steps of happiness, (it starts to kick in at 1:40 in the video clip, so keep watching):

Own Your Happiness

Your kids, your spouse and material possessions are not going to make you happy. Take responsibility for bringing joy into your own life. Attempting to discover happiness in your belongings delivers momentary pleasure and often it is a short-lived experience. People often realise what makes them happy when it is too late. It is on reflection that many ponder had they invested more time in family, relationships and less on work that they would have been happier.

Challenge Your Own Story

Be responsible for your life. Do not let your past, your circumstances determine your future, if you do not like the script, challenge it. Often your story is just your perception, if it is tormenting you change the words, create an optimistic dialogue that propels you forward. Bishop TD Jakes comments that your story is not the truth but a perspective truth, which is insightful as again the ability to change the outlook is with you.

Enjoy the journey

Celebrate the milestones along the way and not simply when you reach your destination. Many people delay their happiness by specifying the ‘when’ when I get promoted, when I get healthy, the list is endless. Happiness is to be embraced and enjoyed throughout the journey and not just when you reach the finish line. We live in a world where we expect instant gratification; we want immediate results and are reluctant to put the effort in. However, it is in the journey, this process that we discover our inner strengths, our capabilities and growth. Without this process we would live in the shadows of half our existence and never fully grasp what we can truly accomplish.

Make Relationships Count

Everything is about relationships. First and foremost you have to appreciate and value yourself, failure to do this prevents others in investing in you. Standing alone is difficult to create success in your personal life, business and work. Relationships are required to make these areas fruitful and equally important is to devote your energy to supportive relationships.

Balance Work and Play

The fifth point focuses on the need to ensure you devote sufficient time to both areas to be happy. Spending more time in one area creates a shortfall in other areas so be mindful and learn to enjoy the journey. Balance is required as too much play will result in a lack of finances and being totally engrossed in your work can lead to burn out.

Watch the video: