7 Signs You Are Going To Be A Failure

Ignoring the signs is a good way to end up at the wrong destination.

Life scatters clues and identifying the ones that result in success are equally important as those that lead to failure. The definition of success invariably means different things to each individual and having clarity of your vision of success will require taking decisive action to creating that reality. Research has shown that successful people continually have habits that are in complete contrast to those who fail. So if you are guilty of one of the behaviours below success is unlikely to come visiting on your door:

You Lack Discipline

If you lack discipline in taking daily action towards your goals, you will not succeed. If your daily consideration is in seeking immediate gratification rather than putting effort into achieving your desired outcome, success is likely to be just your vision and not your reality. Successful people are habitually disciplined.

You Don’t Set Goals

You need to establish goals to create your road map to success. Without goals you will be driving aimlessly and simply reach a destination. Your goals are the stepping stones to the bigger picture and are necessary for success to arrive.

You Fail to Take Care of Your Health

You fail to take care of your health. Success is no fun if you are not well to enjoy it therefore, it is important to eat a balanced diet and incorporate exercise into your routine. It is well known that exercise also oxygenates your blood and improves sleep. The Dalai Lama has been quoted as saying that individuals are foolish in their youthful years sacrificing their health in the pursuit of money to ultimately having to spend their money to address their health issues. It could be argued that without your health you have no wealth so taking care of your emotional and physical well being is crucial to enjoy the success you have worked so hard to achieve.

You Lack Faith

A lack of faith is a sure fire way to undermining your success. Failure to have conviction in your goals will constantly see a barrage of excuses followed by inaction as to why your desired outcomes are impossible to achieve. If we can put a man on the moon, Walt Disney can create Disneyland and Colonel Sanders launch a successful food chain, Kentucky Fried Chicken in his 70’s, surely everything else is achievable. Having a strong believe in your own potential is critical, never underestimate what you can do when the odds are against you.

You Care More About Other People’s Opinion

Other people’s opinion of you should not interfere in your journey to success. Along the way people are likely to challenge your aspirations, put obstacles and inundate you with the ‘why’ it cannot be done. These are merely their opinions and a truth pill that they lack the skills and determination to achieve what you are attempting to establish.

You Put Money First and Sever Important Relationships

Too often in your attempt to create success, you disconnect with loved ones around you. Failing to invest in these relationships along the way will prove detrimental as your efforts to reconnect with them afterwards may be too late. To relish your success, it is usually more gratifying when you have someone you can share it with.

You Blame Others For Your Life

Making excuses and blaming others for your current reality is wasted energy. You alone are responsible for the choices you make. You are in control of your destiny so make it count.

If you are able to acknowledge the signs of failing, it is possible to flip them on its head and redirect them towards success. Remember failure is temporary, you have the choice to choose!