What Quality Drives Your Success?

-You express the truth of your character with the choice of your actions.-

To be successful or not what is the answer? Why are some people more successful than others? A disparity in life circumstances is not the answer as individuals from underprivileged backgrounds have succeeded when it would seem the odds were against them.

Brett Ledbetter interviewed 15 coaches who were responsible for 21 national championships across the United States to assess what they had in common. His findings concluded that they were all exceptionally focussed. Interestingly, they were more attentive to the process rather than the end result and the determining factor to drive the process was character, which eventually led to the desired result. Watch the video and study Brad Stevens, the coach’s behaviour when his team with 4 seconds to go are likely to lose the game and his behaviour when the buzzer sounds, remarkable constraint.

In life when the storm brews, those who remain calm and have clarity of focus will achieve more than those who panic. Irrespective of the chaos surrounding you, the ability to remain calm allows one to think rationally and decisively. Focusing on the process and aiming to achieve excellence in all that you do, will allow you to be prepared for when your opportunity does arise.

To be successful, one should do the following:

Pick a Challenging Goal

Attempting to achieve a goal that you are fully capable of achieving serves no purpose. However, challenging yourself to fulfil on something that you have never achieved will be a greater victory. Research has shown that setting a hard-hitting goal brings larger rewards as the attainment carries more value.

Set Goals That Are Part Of A Larger Matrix

The goals set can be part of a larger matrix, where each step contributes to a bigger picture of where you aspire to be. This in effect is taking stepping stones to reach your ultimate goal. Breaking your goals into smaller, manageable and achievable tasks is realistic and brings you greater satisfaction knowing that you have accomplished set objectives.

Take Daily Consistent Action

The key to success is to take daily consistent action towards your goals. This undoubtedly is the gold nugget for achieving your dreams. Many people dream of having their goals manifested, others simply desire it however, with these two options there is no physical action towards attaining it and unless you choose to do something about it, your dreams will always be a wish. Tony Robbins once said he wanted to master public speaking and so he booked himself to do 5 speeches a day, which equates to 25 speeches a week and 100 speeches a month. This was in stark comparison to others who would have booked 5 speeches in a week and only completed 25 talks in a month. Therefore, as a result of speaking more, Tony had mastered the art of public speaking.

Brett Ledbetter talks about character and the process and it is a strong character that is disciplined to follow through on their process to achieve their desired outcome. Watch the video and focus on Brad Stevens…remarkable.