Manage Your Emotions

-Most people fail in life because they major in minor things.-

Why do people end up living vastly different lives? Some are fortunate to have had a comfortable lifestyle whilst others live a life of struggle. Anthony Robbins probes this question, despite a great early chance in life, some manage to ruin their adult life and vice versa. We all aspire to lead great lives particularly if we are the product of good education and a happy loving family environment. However, regardless of the great start in life, some do not necessarily thrive.

Manage Your Emotional Fitness

Anthony Robbins believes the challenge is to do with our emotional fitness. Having worked with over 3 million people face to face, he has detected patterns. Patterns that make people angry, patterns that make people depressed, patterns that make people emotionally strong. These patterns have become so evident, that so many of us know what we should do yet we do not take action. Anthony states that the challenge is to do with our emotional fitness and how emotionally ready we are. If you want to produce results, do it now. He advises that discipline never works long term and the difference between what works is changing the shift from having to do something to wanting to do something. Life is about leadership and when you master your emotions you become the master of your own life.

“The story you tell is the story you live.” Anthony Robbins

Gain Perspective on Things as they Actually Are

Intelligence is to see things as they are, not to make it worse than it is. When you take perspective of things as they are actually, moving forwards is possible. Without a vision people perish, therefore, you need to have a compelling future, something that will spring jump you out of bed every morning. When you have a captivating vision of your future, instigate a simple strategy, that will allow you to fulfil your dreams. Nothing complex is required, simplicity is key. Watch the video…