Usain Bolt Humble Beginnings to Olympic Gold Medallist


-Usain Bolt I don't think limits.-

Usain Bolt a humble charismatic Olympic legend. Nicknamed Lightning Bolt, has overcome injury to winning a ‘triple triple’ 3 gold medals at 3 consecutive Olympic games, a staggering 9 gold medals, spanning his Olympic career. His journey however, in achieving his Olympic accolade was not without injury. Plagued with a hamstring injury which saw him pull out of several competitions, his determination to be the best was never unwavering. Bolt had a steadfast attitude to succeed and he triumphed winning gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2012 London Olympics and just recently in Rio.

However, despite his rise to fame, Bolt still continues to be humble and remember his roots. Bolt says, “I was taught the unfortunate help the not so fortunate.” Clearly this early message has been ingrained as he used his own money to provide electricity and running water to his local community in his old home town.

Usain Bolt Not Defined by his Circumstances

Clearly Bolt was not defined by his circumstances. An exceptional cricket player in his youth and natural speed did not go unnoticed by his coach who suggested he try out for track. This was the turning point which would eventually lead Bolt to Olympic glory. Known as the fastest man alive, Bolt had a clear vision to be the best and succeeded.

“I have a goal I want to be a legend.” Usain Bolt

Decisions Are the Turning Point to Life Changing Events

Bolt like many other successful people made decisions that would later reward them beyond their wildest dreams. They made a decision to do something, to be something and then worked tirelessly to put those wheels in motion. Their belief in themselves was steadfast, no hesitation just totally absolute. They endured struggles along the way but in spite of them persevered. The journey to success is plagued with obstacles and challenges, to test us, to strengthen us, those who persist will triumph. Eventually, those daily habits will pay off and reward you greatly.

 “You want, then do whatever it takes to get it.” Usain Bolt

Watch Usain Bolt conquer the track and then give back to his community…