Persistent Blogging Leads to Success


I started my blogging journey back in 2008 but like many bloggers gave up as I was not seeing results and life got in the way. Had I continued, I wonder what the outcome would have been today. Needless to say I do ponder over it occasionally but thankfully am not consumed by it. I restarted my blogging journey and this time intend to stick with it. To be successful in blogging the following points are worth considering:

Persistence is Key

Most bloggers will advise that persistence is key and you need to stick to a schedule. Once you get into this habit and allocate a specific time, it will become a routine. Train yourself and the rewards will be great. Stop making excuses or allow life to get in the way, give in to this and enjoying the benefits of your blogging will take longer.

“If you want to continually grow your blog, you need to blog on a consistent basis.” Neil Patel

Blog about What You Are Passionate

To fuel the blogging pages, unless you are passionate about what you are blogging, ideas will be lacking. When you love what you do, your creative juices will flow and your imagination buzzing with ideas. It helps to jot down what inspiration comes to mind so that when you are struggling for ideas, you have a stock pile of great options.

Inspiration Comes From Different Sources

Never underestimate the power of words and the effect they can have to uplift, motivate and inspire an individual. People seek inspiration from many different sources, whether it is a video, quote, true story or personal experience. So blog about different things and see what posts get more traction with your audience. This information will give you valuable insight as to what is popular allowing your blog posts to be more specific and focused.

Emotional Writing is a Winner

Studies have shown that content that has an emotional appeal is likely to get shared more widely. People connect with stories that pulls at the heart strings, people want to share and spread the message, whether it is a feel good story, funny, moving or simply to raise awareness.

Negative Feedback

Getting negative feedback on a post that you spent considerable time writing can be truly demoralising and in fact can demotivate you. Throwing in the towel after a negative comment is rash. Everyone has an opinion and your content is not going to appeal ­­­to everyone. You just need to consider whether the comment has any merit, if so learn from it and move on. It is also not necessary to respond and debate with every negative comment you receive. Only delete negative feedback if it is deemed offensive. Allow the comment to stay and you will find that others will respond to the derogatory remarks and the thread will take its natural course.

Post Content that Adds Value

When you post content that adds value, your fans will come back screaming for more. People engage with content that they can relate to and continually visit the sites that inspire, educate and give value. Their comments will inspire you to keep going and soon you will realise that you are truly making a difference. Most successful people will advise that when you truly give service, you reap the greatest rewards.

“There’s a lot of information out there for free, so you’ve got to figure out, what makes your information different.” Matt Wolfe

Blogging a Therapeutic Minefield

Blogging can be extremely therapeutic and sharing your life experiences with others can be comforting.  Putting your thoughts on paper can be exceptionally healing and for those who can relate to your pain, joy and success the feelings can transcend to them too. There is relief and hope knowing that others have walked the same path as you.

A successful blog will not happen overnight, great things take time. Be true to who you are, be respectful of the opinions of others but most of all, keep writing!