5 Emotional Hurdles to Overcome to Achieve Success

Mastering your emotional state of mind is imperative if you want to be successful. Your mind is the greatest asset you have. Many underestimate the power that it holds. Master your mind, you master your emotions, master your emotions, you master success!

Have a defeatist attitude and despite your best efforts you will end up on the road to nowhere. Taking control of your emotional well-being is crucial as it is the fuel that drives your physical actions.

So what emotional hurdles do you need to avoid?


Jealously is a common emotion. Nonetheless, if you stay in this emotional state for too long the effects can be significantly destructive. Your life is on pause and watching others succeed can be exasperating. You tirelessly accomplish the required tasks, you are sleep deprived and yet despite your magnanimous efforts your results are pitiful. Continue to remain in this negative emotional state and you are unlikely to see results. Envying other people’s good fortune serves you no purpose as bitterness and resentment achieves nothing. Jealousy is a barricade to achieving success and once it kicks in, give it the flick!

“Jealousy is the fear of comparison.” Max Frisch

 Comparing Yourself to Others

Comparing yourself to others is an inaccurate measuring stick and a drain on your emotions. Successful people never compare themselves to others, they simply get on with the task at hand.

By comparing yourself to others, you end up judging yourself only to be critical of your lack of achievements. When comparing yourself to others, how often do you compare yourself to an individual less fortunate and feel lucky? I am guessing hardly ever. The likely scenario is that you compare yourself to someone you view as successful and this kind of comparison is a fast track to misery. Avoid this negative emotion and direct your attention to your achievements and what action is required to move you closer to your goals.

Be happy with what you have while working towards what you want.”

 Emotional Blame – Pointing the Finger

When life is rocking, you are happy to accept the accolades, however when continually confronted by challenges, you readily point the blame to others. Attacking others for your lack of success is simply making excuses for your inaction. Instead focus your energies on solutions and leave others out of your emotional battles. Having an attitude of blame is again a negative emotion that fuels indecisiveness and a lack of focus.


When you start doubting yourself you fill your head with negative talk that takes over and blocks your success. Self-doubt arises when you or others question or challenge your abilities leaving you uncertain of your own capabilities. Your confidence, focus and decisiveness are all impaired as the constant self-doubt fills your head.

“Do not doubt yourself, for where doubt resides, confidence cannot.” Jim Rohn

Achieving Perfectionism

The desire to be a perfectionist often means you set yourself unrealistic standards and when you fail to achieve them, you fall victim to feelings of failure. Seeking perfection may appear to be a recipe for success but the constant need to deliver perfectly all the time can actually hinder your success since accomplishing tasks takes longer, you avoid risks and are inflexible. There is a difference between the desire to achieve perfectionism and a healthy pursuit of excellence.

Negative emotions can be debilitating therefore mastering them early on is important to achieving success. Once controlled your attitude, behaviour and actions will be in sync to generating results that rock!