Success can Appear in a Heartbeat

Life can sometimes be cruel and leave you grappling with reality. Events, people disappoint you. However, when you least expect it, success can be just around the corner. That glimmer of hope finally appears and the late nights, the struggles validate your solid determination as success finally lands on your doorstep.

Never overlook the challenges that may appear disguised as potential opportunities. Have an open mind and unlikely prospects will reveal themselves to you.

You know success is around the corner:

Hitting Rock Bottom

When you hit rock bottom, you are already at the lowest point that nothing else could possibly go wrong. Therefore, the only exit is moving forwards and upwards. However, in order to achieve you have to start digging yourself out of your hole. This involves taking massive action whether it is mastering a new skill, reading from experts, developing your spiritual side and above all maintaining your mental and physical fitness.

JK Rowling at her Harvard Commencement speech stated she had hit rock bottom,

 “I failed on an epic scale, an exceptionally short lived marriage had imploded, I was jobless, a lone parent and as poor as it is possible to be in modern Britain without being homeless.”

Yet despite her predicament, she directed her energy into work that mattered deeply to her, writing and you would have to agree that it has paid off wizardly.

Identify Your Passion and go for it!

It is widely known and touted that when you discover your passion, you will be naturally motivated and driven.

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” Oprah Winfrey

Initially you may be hungry for dollars as the pursuit of money is necessary to pay your bills and maintain a certain lifestyle. However, your level of happiness hangs in the balance as you feel unfulfilled and there is a disconnect between your career and what you aspire to do. When you hate your work you become unproductive and less creative.

However, simply finding your passion will not necessarily lead to success, it is important to figure out how to monetise it. When you ignite your passion, working long hours becomes effortless as you get into a state of flow and become unstoppable. Loving what you do miraculously attracts the resources and tools you require and creativity will produce innovative ways of accomplishing tasks. Certainly firing your passion instils hope and a hunger to succeed.

Staying Positive

Staying positive irrespective of your circumstances is crucial for success. A positive mindset is the pathway to opening up possibilities. A negative mind is closed, therefore, when opportunities present themselves, you are unable to consider them for what they could potentially offer.

When you remain positive, you get creative, you explore alternative ideas, there is a hunger to succeed because the seeds of negativity are crushed. Staying positive absolutely in the midst of chaos is the best way forward. You remain focused and concentrate on the tasks that require action. A positive attitude allows you to be grateful for even the smallest blessings because they in the end are the stepping stones that build the bigger blocks to achieve your success. When you are positive you are at least hopeful that by consistently doing what you are doing success is imminent.

Chance Meeting

In life you will encounter a range of individuals, the majority who have an inconsequential affect, others who ooze positivity and are a remarkable influence and those who completely drain your battery. Some will stick around while others are fleeting encounters and a select few who appear during your darkest hour and then fade away. However, that chance encounter was purposeful timing, it was meant to be. Your paths were meant to cross. So never burn your bridges, relationships are important, through every connection there is a possibility that someone may have the resources and knowledge you are looking for.

Success can be difficult to envision particularly when you are confronted with obstacles 360 degrees. However, there are lessons to be learned from every experience, therefore instead of putting up a wall, face it head on and take a leap of faith, success is just around the corner.