Why You Need to Master the Difficult Years to Achieve Success

The human attention span is 8 seconds which is less than a goldfish at 9 seconds, interestingly too is the rate at which success is sought. Adam Westbrook explains in his video essay below that success is a slow moving process and despite technology and other influences moving at the speed of lighting, success cannot be rushed.

Nowadays people are interested in immediate results and gratification. Investing time in learning, perfecting and fine tuning are old school. The journey of self-development and empowerment to be fast tracked or preferably bypassed. Speed and convenience are the expectations with the ever increasing demand for internet speed, instant messaging and fast food.

However, success is not something that can be achieved overnight. Most success stories highlight the breakthrough results, the victory phase, the final lap, they omit the years of struggle, the relentless near misses. Yet for those who persevere, success can be forthcoming.

Check out Adam’s video to gain an understanding as to why success is delayed;

Video Part 1

Real success comes from persistent hard work, keeping your foot on the pedal and accelerating forwards. When you take your eye off your goal, you lose momentum leading to stagnating results. Watch Adam’s second video as he explains the difficult years and why they may be necessary to ultimately securing success.

 Video Part 2

“Never worry about the delay of your success compared to others, because the construction of a palace, requires takes more time than an ordinary building.”

Quote Source: http://www.Luvreels.com