Effigies of a Hanging Man to Nothing is Impossible – David Beckham

Effigies of a Hanging Man

David Beckham is a legendary football player having first played for Manchester United (England), Real Madrid (Spain) and LA Galaxy (USA). However, his career was not always smooth sailing. A dent in his career arose in the 1998 World Cup when Beckham was playing for England against Argentina and was given the red card, he was suspended from playing the rest of the game. England were now a man down and with the goals levelled at 2-2, England lost the game on penalties.

The three and a half years that followed were incredibly grueling for Beckham and his family. He received death threats, he was constantly harassed with taunts that he had let his country and family down and outside pubs in London, there were effigies of a hanging man. It was a dark period. Beckham felt isolated and deemed this a very low point in his life.

“People react to criticism in different ways and my way is to definitely come out fighting.” David Beckham

In 1998 just before the World Cup he was on top of the world but hit rock bottom at the time of the World Cup. Despite the fallen adulation, Beckham worked hard and refocused his efforts in reclaiming his football career. Beckham credits three values in getting him through that tumultuous time; belief, strength and family as well as the quote, “It’s a round world.”

Turning Point

The turning point in Beckham’s career was in 2001, the qualifying game against Greece, a successful win for England would secure them a spot in the 2002 World Cup. Beckham was given a free kick, placing the ball down, he looked at the clock, the pressure was on. This was a monumental opportunity and Beckham recognized he had one chance to score. The moment the ball left Beckham’s foot he knew it was victory for England. It was a huge moment for everyone, the players, the fans, the stadium roared. It was an exhilarating moment.

Challenging times are inevitable, allow it to dominate or you take control  Often the situation is temporary. The key however, is to take daily action so that with each small step you slowly slither out of your predicament and create a better future.

Watch the video and know that nothing is impossible.

Footage of David Beckham scoring his victory goal.