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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Chasing Your Dreams

You can coast through life or pursue your dreams. You set yourself a goal, you perform daily tasks, you are on track and then a setback thumps you. You get disgruntled, even angry,… Continue reading

Siblings Educate Child Beggars

  It takes a certain kind of character to have faith and courage to help those less fortunate, particularly when you yourself are considered a minor. Two siblings reach out to help Pakistani… Continue reading

The Power of One to Change the World

Jay Shetty explains that in order to change the world, it simply starts with one person – you. With advanced technology and knowledge, you would expect greater human connections yet the more disconnected… Continue reading

A Life Saved by an Act of Kindness

The power and impact a simple act of kindness can have on another person’s life is priceless. I cannot recall where I heard this story but the effect has remained with me –… Continue reading

Random Act of Kindness Repaid After 30 Years

Life is often so busy that we forget to take time out to appreciate the wonders and beauty that pleasantly surround us. Life will always be busy, so the choice is ours to… Continue reading

Stammering Your Way to Success

  Musharraf wanted to leave school due to the constant teasing and bullying. He had a serious stammer since childhood. However, the teachers at his school were adamant that he would remain and… Continue reading

Invest In A Mustard Seed of Hope And Change Your Future

Life is going according to plan until one day your partner cheats on you, you find yourself retrenched, your health deteriorates, you failed an exam and the list is endless of unforeseen incidents.… Continue reading