7 Signs You Are Going To Be A Failure

Life scatters clues and identifying the ones that result in success are equally important as those that lead to failure. The definition of success invariably means different things to each individual and having… Continue reading

What Quality Drives Your Success?

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Happiness is a choice – what are you choosing?

    Happiness is a choice, you have always been empowered to make that decision and it is that simple. Having control to choose your state of being is powerful as it gives… Continue reading

Siblings Educate Child Beggars

  It takes a certain kind of character to have faith and courage to help those less fortunate, particularly when you yourself are considered a minor. Two siblings reach out to help Pakistani… Continue reading

The Power of One to Change the World

Jay Shetty explains that in order to change the world, it simply starts with one person – you. With advanced technology and knowledge, you would expect greater human connections yet the more disconnected… Continue reading

A Life Saved by an Act of Kindness

The power and impact a simple act of kindness can have on another person’s life is priceless. I cannot recall where I heard this story but the effect has remained with me –… Continue reading

Why Do We Hold Back?

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Your Own Mortality Is A Wake Up Call

Ever wondered about the meaning of life? Why are we here? What is our purpose? Usually there is a point of crisis, a turning point, a crossroads where we question our purpose and… Continue reading

Investing in Friendships Brings Great Rewards

  A friend was confined to a wheelchair after a debilitating illness. After the initial shock he came to terms with his now permanent condition. Consequently, he withdrew from large social gatherings and rarely ventured… Continue reading

Did You Plan A Life of Nothing?

Life is what we make it, so what have you achieved so far? Did you fulfil on your goals and ambitions? Most people are unlikely to have achieved any of their life ambitions simply plodding… Continue reading